SUSTAINABILITY is very important to us!

“hotel bomonti green” stands for our commitment to a sustainable management, to operate ecologically in all areas and to engage ourselves socially.

Our large input therefore is rewarded by our guests dearly loving to stay with us again and again.

We enforce ourselves to reduce the consumption of scarce natural resources such as water and energy through a multi-annual programme.

100% Green Power

Our environment is important to us! Therefore, we are supplied with “Oköstrom” (green power).

The local energy supplier N-Ergie guarantees us that our electricity “EXPERT Öko Aktiv” is 100 percent from renewable energy sources.

As a result we save about 68 tons of CO2 per year and thus making an important contribution to climate protection.

Resource-saving architecture

Due to the focus on the lowest possible energy consumption, the hotel bomonti meets the quality standards of a low energy house for tourism businesses.

The hotel was built according to EnEV 2014. The EnEV 2014 places higher demands on the building envelope.

The hotel bomonti is equipped with a 20 cm thick thermal insulation and triple-glazed windows.

The heating requirements of the hotel are correspondingly low.

Environmentally friendly and silent air conditioning

Air conditioning at the hotel bomonti is provided by DAIKIN’s VRV IV Heat Recovery. The VRV IV recovers thermal energy from the renewable energy air. The heat recovery function can save additional energy by recovering waste heat from the areas of a building to be cooled and using it to heat other areas. Ideally, therefore, no heating energy must be supplied from the outside.

To avoid energy wastes the air conditioning is connected to a window contact. As soon as a guest opens a window, the VRV system will switch off in this room.

Eco awareness

The protection of the environment and its resources is important to us and our guests.
Our guests are entitled to daily towel changes, unless they choose the ecological solution and help us to reduce the pollutant consumption through reuse.
Based on a specially developed waste management concept, we monitor the amount of waste. We always strive to keep the waste as small as possible and to recycle it for recycling.
The paper we use is environment-friendly and produced without chlorine.

E-Charging Station

Electromobility is an important future trend. Electric cars are environmentally friendly – especially if they are charged with electricity from renewable sources such as the hotel bomonti.

You own an electric car and want to stay overnight in the Nuremberg area? Then you are exactly right in the hotel bomonti!

The best of the region

Quality, freshness and direct contact with the manufacturers, that’s what we are proud of and that is important to us.

At our breakfast buffet you will find specialties from regional companies and selected partners with organic and Fairtrade products.

Enjoy your stay and the best products that we were able to find for you in the region.

Bread from the regional bakery

You will directly taste the difference to common hotel baked goods!

The Bakery Pillipp delivers fresh rolls and bread for our guests every day.

The family business from Zirndorf has been run by the 2nd generation since 1953. The master baker relies on the art of baking and fresh and natural ingredients from regional suppliers.

Eggs from the farm

We support organic farmers from the region and guarantee daily fresh products for you, dear guests.

Our eggs are fresh from happy hens from the family farm Zeilinger from Markt Erlbach.

The perfect keepin of the animals and a careful selection of the animal feed guarantee a consitantly high quality.


In addition to the regional specialties from our Franconian homeland, we also offer supraregional Fairtrade products, which we obtain from certified companies for you.

The coffee, which we serve for breakfast and in our lobby, is optained only from suppliers who guarantee “Fairtrade”.

Supporting Social Projects

We are happy to engage in charitable activities in our neighborhood or with regional partners worldwide.

We were able to collect project-related donations for local clubs and churches with numerous charity events.

Generous donations went to the charitable project “Hold Hands Uganda” Engagement supports Beatrice Höfler sustainable orphans with sponsorships in Uganda.